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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Facebook redesigns News Feed to be like a 'personalised newspaper'

Facebook is trying to breathe new life into its social network with a redesign of its News Feed.

Amid complaints that company's site has become a jumble of monotonous musings and random pictures, the overhaul offers new controls that allow people to create streams of photos and other material in organized sections.

India Makes 13 Requests A Day for Web User Data : Google

 In signs of growing Internet snooping by the enforcement authorities, India made an average of 13 requests a day to Google for access to personal web details of web users during 2012.

In terms of the number of requests for web user details during 2012, India is next to only the US, which made 45 requests a day on an average the highest for any country.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Google Drive Presents the Preview of Files and Documents

          As we all know that Google Launched it's new service Google Drive where we can easily host and upload our files, documents and other kind of data easily with more security and with more trust because it's a product of Google so everyone can easily trust on it and also can trust on it's security and no can't copy your content easily because of security of Google, and recently Google Drive's blog gave that simple but very remarkable info that now can take preview of your files and photos easily. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How To Disable YouTube Advertisements In Firefox, Chrome And Opera

We have all come across the annoying advertisements that pop-up while we are watching a video on You Tube. It is obviously far more convenient to simply block these annoying advertisements by default rather than having to cross them out each time they appear. Following are the extensionsfor Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera that will help you get rid of these irritating YouTube ads.